kahawa west streetkids

Deep in the heart of the Soweto slum in the area of Kahawa West about 40kms from Nairobi, the Italian Lay Missionary Community of John XXIII have built a centre where they live and work with the streetkids there.  The wooden structure can accommodate up to 20 children and two live-in carers.  Through constant care and counselling they aim to reintegrate the kids with their families and re-introduce them to full-time education.
During our visit last year, we accompanied some of the community volunteers to the street as they met and interacted with the children living rough.  We played games with them and were invited to go swimming in a sludge-brown stream.  We declined but they had great fun.
This year we were delighted to hear that twelve of those children we met last year are now off the streets, accommodated at the centre and attending school.
KOFUP funds have been used to build a proper kitchen and storerooms at the centre, showers and latrines and a basketball court and football pitch where the boys can enjoy themselves after school.  Occasional open tournaments provide an opportunity to reach children still on the street.