Bahati (not her real name), a very bright 14 year old, was left vulnerable and alone after the death from AIDS of both parents and one of her two sisters. She was sent to live with her uncle who repeatedly abused her. Bahati was at that time attending the Sikalame Primary School.  
A number of the girls at Sikalame are members of Yiro Girls' Network (part of the Precious Tears Initiative which aims to empower and support teenage girls in an environment unsympathetic to their needs).  They helped Bahati to disclose the truth of her situation to mentor and counsellor, Rosila Waringa.
Bahati was immediately taken from the uncle's home to a place of safety with another family. She subsequently came top in her school in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and was awarded admission as a boarder to the prestigious Rang'ala Girls High School.  Secondary schooling is not free in Kenya but through KOFUP Bahati's fees are being paid. After two terms she is already showing great promise with A grades in maths and science.