Severe Drought In Kenya

The rains have been particularly poor this year in Kenya and the country is now experiencing a severe drought, with several million people already dependent on food aid.

Instead of being able to harvest their own maize, one of the staples of the Kenyan diet, many people are now reduced to buying maize flour. Because of the global economic downturn, a 2kg bag of flour has doubled in price from around 55ksh a year ago to around 110 ksh today. For the very poor who struggle to earn even a few shillings a day, this is a catastrophe and can only lead to even greater hunger. It also has implications for KOFUP funding because what we give now buys less than it did before.

Any donation you can spare, however small you might think it is, will go towards helping alleviate some of the hardship that people are experiencing at this time.