Kofup Fosters Independence

The Ujuang’a Orphans Support Project was one of the first projects KOFUP committed to back in 2001. Set up by an indigenous Kenyan church, at first the church leaders struggled to know how to care for the many orphaned children in their midst. Yet as time has gone on this project has gone from strength to strength. It now supports 170 children (though there are several hundred more who need help) with regular supplies of food.

A dedicated health worker looks after their health needs. It also provides them with school uniform and equipment, and has been able to pay secondary school fees for several of the older children. During our last visit in 2004 we discussed their need to become more self-sufficient (KOFUP has to date been their sole source of funding).

We were absolutely delighted then on this visit to see the income-generating activities that have taken off in the past year. Land has been planted with millet and other vegetables both for sale in the market and distribution to the orphans and their families. The women are getting together to make mats and clay pots to sell using local materials; and the ‘goat initiative’ has provided twenty orphans with a goat each to look after. When the goat gives birth the new baby is given to another orphan, thereby fostering a sense of caring and responsibility in the community. The self-confidence all these activities has given the people involved, adults and children alike, was clearly evident.